Stop Big Tech!

Big Tech is censoring Americans. It's time all Patriots step up to the fight for our freedom of speech and liberty!

This isn't China. This isn't Russia. This isn't Venezuela or Cuba. This is America.

Yet regular voices of Americans are being censored, silenced and canceled by a cabal of Big Tech, media "fact checkers" and hidden fascists behind a computer who can ruin American's lives with a few clicks.

We the undersigned are united Americans who will not give up our freedom of speech and every right we have that goes along with it! 

We see too often outright lies and falsehoods told by the left go unchallenged by Facebook, Twitter, Google, while facts told by conservative voices are "fact checked" and suppressed and deemed hate speech.

We are pushing back and standing up to the Big Tech oligarchs, the media and their Democrat politician friends.

We demand Big Tech be held responsible and accountable to any censorship, banning, suppression and canceling.

We support states like Florida led by Governor Ron DeSantis who will put their own measures in place to protect their constituents from Big Tech censorship if Washington D.C. will not step up.

We are Americans and we will fight to continue to live in the America which stands for freedom of speech! 

Who's signing

Jim Phend
Carolyn Senkel
Norma Byrd
Ellin Baskin
ronald villella
RuthAnn Parkinson
Julia Miller
Nancy Roberts
Ray Taylor
Harold Spaulding
Melanie Bruno
Sharon Cundiff
Roger Blanchfield
Robert Clyne
Terry Kush
Fred Campbell
Sherry Stephens
Ricky Graham
Edward Richthammer
Michael Van Valen
Terry Swinney
Benjamin Dy
Michael Richins
Douglas Alexander
Humberto and Acevedo
John Brott
Bernd Groeger
Muriel Davidson-Bratcher
Scott Miller
Eugene Justinger
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Will you sign?

  • Jim Phend
    signed 2021-06-06 17:13:22 -0700
  • Carolyn Senkel
    signed 2021-06-06 15:35:23 -0700
  • Norma Byrd
    signed 2021-06-06 14:50:13 -0700
    I am SO TIRED of having Big Tech money leading people around by the nose! Who elected any of those people to be God? Oh, I know all too well, but why are they being allowed to direct American politics, religion, history, culture, and morals? They need to be corralled.
  • Ellin Baskin
    signed 2021-06-06 13:12:48 -0700
  • ronald villella
    signed 2021-06-06 12:09:19 -0700
    good for DeSantis
  • RuthAnn Parkinson
    signed 2021-06-06 11:22:55 -0700
  • Julia Miller
    signed 2021-06-06 11:08:56 -0700
  • Nancy Roberts
    signed 2021-06-06 10:53:37 -0700
  • Ray Taylor
    signed 2021-06-06 10:17:07 -0700
  • Harold Spaulding
    signed 2021-06-06 10:17:02 -0700
  • Melanie Bruno
    signed 2021-06-06 10:05:14 -0700
  • Sharon Cundiff
    signed 2021-06-06 10:01:28 -0700
  • Roger Blanchfield
    signed 2021-06-06 09:59:18 -0700
    Make America Great Again!!!
  • Robert Clyne
    signed 2021-06-06 09:43:12 -0700
  • Terry Kush
    signed 2021-06-06 09:40:55 -0700
  • Fred Campbell
    signed 2021-06-06 09:40:13 -0700
  • Sherry Stephens
    signed 2021-06-06 09:34:11 -0700
  • Ricky Graham
    signed 2021-06-06 09:30:43 -0700
  • Edward Richthammer
    signed 2021-06-06 09:28:51 -0700
  • Michael Van Valen
    signed 2021-06-06 09:22:36 -0700
  • Terry Swinney
    signed 2021-06-06 09:19:39 -0700
    BIG TECH has had way too much freedom and needs to be reined in in order for our DEMOCRACY TO SURVIVE
  • Benjamin Dy
    signed 2021-06-06 09:18:27 -0700
    The 1st Amendment should be respected
  • Michael Richins
    signed 2021-05-24 12:38:39 -0700
  • Douglas Alexander
    signed 2021-05-14 16:59:50 -0700
  • Humberto and Acevedo
    signed 2021-05-14 16:57:00 -0700
    Monopolies should be put in place under antitrust laws
  • John Brott
    signed 2021-05-13 07:58:27 -0700
  • Bernd Groeger
    signed 2021-05-11 12:33:58 -0700
  • Muriel Davidson-Bratcher
    signed 2021-05-11 08:10:12 -0700
  • Scott Miller
    signed 2021-05-11 02:04:56 -0700
  • Eugene Justinger
    signed 2021-05-11 00:34:09 -0700
    Censorship is unlawful in America because we have the US Constitution that says we have the right to free speech.