Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government

Sign The Petition: Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct the Government over illegal immigrants. 

The current government shutdown is the fault of obstructionist Democrats who lost the last election and are holding the government hostage over illegal immigrants. They refuse to negotiate with Republicans unless their demands are met. We ask Republicans in Congress and the President to Stand Strong and Don't Allow Democrats to get their way. We The People stand with you! It is time to expose the hypocrisy and the lies of Democrats! Sign the petition below:

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william jackson
Tom Lohmann
Randy Phillips
Harold Van Roy
Donna Simoncelli
J Marsden
James Bowers
Michael Valgos
Claire Climie
Elaine Freeman
Michael Bellinger
Robert Thompson
ReBecca Naughton
John Patterson
Wesley Lum
Marc Sniderman
Bruce Glines
William Cosgrove
JoAnn Moore
Robert Campos
Robert Gentile
Mary Kava
vincent Ruggiero
William Heinz
Martin Cummings
Richard Funk
Norm Meaker
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  • william jackson
    signed 2018-01-21 23:32:06 -0800
    william jackson
  • Tom Lohmann
    signed 2018-01-21 23:24:18 -0800
    Tom Lohmann
  • Randy Phillips
    signed 2018-01-21 23:20:41 -0800
  • Harold Van Roy
    signed 2018-01-21 23:13:14 -0800
    We are Sick of the Political fighting and the way our Country is being ripped off, I ask why

    would anyone hate so much as to steal what we all love so much. Look at who is doing the fighting and lying ,and doing noting for the Country or The People.

    (Thanks for Trump)

    He’s doing all the work plus all the fighting.
  • Donna Simoncelli
    signed 2018-01-21 23:02:57 -0800
  • J Marsden
    signed 2018-01-21 22:38:14 -0800
    J Marsden
  • James Bowers
    signed 2018-01-21 22:36:33 -0800
    James Bowers
  • Michael Valgos
    signed 2018-01-21 22:29:00 -0800
  • Claire Climie
    signed 2018-01-21 22:17:43 -0800
    Lindsey Graham needs to be hung by his toenails and have it televised. That thing of a man is no more republican then Hercules was a woman. Yet there he is bigger then dirt constantly on camera representing the republicans and cutting our President to pieces. Have you all gone nuts. For everyone Lindsey, there should be 10 republicans denying what Lindsey is saying and defending Our President. They are ALL DIRTY. Follow the money. We DESPISE them ALL.
  • Elaine Freeman
    signed 2018-01-21 21:55:01 -0800
  • Michael Bellinger
    signed 2018-01-21 21:54:53 -0800
  • darren geisler
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-01-21 21:37:41 -0800
    Sign the petition: Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government
  • darren geisler
    @shadow196670 tweeted link to this page. 2018-01-21 21:37:38 -0800
    Sign the petition: Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government
  • Bob Thompson
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-01-21 21:32:44 -0800
    Sign the petition: Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government
  • Robert Thompson
    signed 2018-01-21 21:31:24 -0800
    Robert Thompson
  • ReBecca Naughton
    signed 2018-01-21 21:26:06 -0800
    Praying for you Mr. President – every day, for Godly Wisdom and protection.
  • John Patterson
    signed 2018-01-21 21:26:06 -0800
  • Wesley Lum
    signed 2018-01-21 21:25:54 -0800
  • Marc Sniderman
    signed 2018-01-21 21:25:37 -0800
  • Bruce Glines
    signed 2018-01-21 21:24:00 -0800
    It’s time for the Democrats to get over the election, Hillary lost, they should have offered up a better candidate. If they want to start winning election’s again they need to change there policy.
  • William Cosgrove
    signed 2018-01-21 21:20:53 -0800
  • JoAnn Moore
    signed 2018-01-21 21:07:29 -0800
    I have had enough of your supporting illegals above citizens. Put American children first.
  • Robert Campos
    signed 2018-01-21 20:47:32 -0800
    Robert Campos
  • Robert Gentile
    signed 2018-01-21 20:38:38 -0800
  • Mary Kava
    signed 2018-01-21 20:25:55 -0800
  • vincent Ruggiero
    signed 2018-01-21 20:23:41 -0800
  • William Heinz
    signed 2018-01-21 20:23:15 -0800
  • Martin Cummings
    signed 2018-01-21 20:20:02 -0800
    Martin Cummings
  • Richard Funk
    signed 2018-01-21 20:20:00 -0800
  • Norm Meaker
    signed 2018-01-21 20:09:00 -0800