Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government

Sign The Petition: Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct the Government over illegal immigrants. 

The current government shutdown is the fault of obstructionist Democrats who lost the last election and are holding the government hostage over illegal immigrants. They refuse to negotiate with Republicans unless their demands are met. We ask Republicans in Congress and the President to Stand Strong and Don't Allow Democrats to get their way. We The People stand with you! It is time to expose the hypocrisy and the lies of Democrats! Sign the petition below:

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Enrique Canton
Joan Bizzozero
Robert Clyne
Richard Rossi
Jeff Clemens
Dorothy Snyder
Jerry Dowdy
Louis Gioia
Randal Sheppard
Bruce Cameron
Susan Van Nice
Margaret Triolo
Carol Askew
George Maier
Melvin Shirer
Monte Roy
TEAPartyLen Turner
Phyllis Haig
Karen Sensenig
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  • Enrique Canton
    signed 2018-01-21 13:13:10 -0800
  • Joan Bizzozero
    signed 2018-01-21 13:12:49 -0800
    Can we please show some gumption in this State? We are fighting the Federal govt over everything ,but this is one issuewith which that I agree. Hopeflly our Repuglicans in WA will not cave.

    Now if we could only shut down the “Moonbeam Expresss” and the new gas tax.
  • Robert Clyne
    signed 2018-01-21 13:11:58 -0800
  • Richard Rossi
    signed 2018-01-21 13:10:52 -0800
    It boils down to ILLEGALS over Law-abiding citizen. The Dem’s picked their side NOW vote them all out of office.
  • Jeff Clemens
    signed 2018-01-21 13:09:56 -0800
  • Dorothy Snyder
    signed 2018-01-21 13:05:54 -0800
  • Jerry Dowdy
    signed 2018-01-21 13:05:25 -0800
    I am Glad that the Government is shut down ,our freedoms are safer with the Commies out of action. They have enough money to fund all the constitutional required services and the others can wait in line.
  • Louis Gioia
    signed 2018-01-21 13:04:18 -0800
  • Randal Sheppard
    signed 2018-01-21 13:01:32 -0800
    Do not let the Democrats have their way. What they want is illegal. There is nothing about funding illegal immigrants. They only want to help them so they can get votes! I say NO!
  • Bruce Cameron
    signed 2018-01-21 13:01:30 -0800
  • Susan Van Nice
    signed 2018-01-21 13:01:03 -0800
  • Margaret Triolo
    signed 2018-01-21 13:00:58 -0800
  • Carol Askew
    signed 2018-01-21 12:56:40 -0800
  • George Maier
    signed 2018-01-21 12:55:58 -0800
    Never give up our moral stand

    Legal immigrants only!
  • Melvin Shirer
    signed 2018-01-21 12:55:34 -0800
  • judy
    signed 2018-01-21 12:52:22 -0800
    Also please remember We Citizens of America need to see the 4 page MEMO the Dems are hiding from us. What are they afraid of? The TRUTH!
  • Monte Roy
    signed 2018-01-21 12:51:46 -0800
  • TEAPartyLen Turner
    signed 2018-01-21 12:51:25 -0800

    saving the republic
  • Phyllis Haig
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-01-21 12:49:39 -0800
    Sign the petition: Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government
  • Phyllis Haig
    @nonsumdignus tweeted link to this page. 2018-01-21 12:49:34 -0800
    Sign the petition: Stand Strong Don't Allow Democrats to Obstruct Government
  • Phyllis Haig
    signed 2018-01-21 12:49:17 -0800
    Phyllis Haig
  • Karen Sensenig
    signed 2018-01-21 12:47:46 -0800