Show Us The Evidence

To: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff & House Democrats,

You have taken the nation down a divisive path toward impeachment, yet have failed to produce the evidence or witness testimony that shows any crime, much less the crimes you and the politicians claim were committed.

We The People demand Democrats immediately stop any hearings, inquiries or any action involved in impeaching the President until actual testimony or evidence is brought forth to the American people that shows any high crime committed by the President. 

The witnesses thus far have been asked directly if they have any evidence of bribery or criminal activity or wrongdoing and each of them answered No. 

All Democrats have produced are a series of witnesses who disagree with policy decisions or the manner in which President Trump makes decisions and consults with advisors, in this case regarding Ukraine. In no way have any of these witnesses produced any evidence whatsoever of an actual crime. It is a narrative made up completely by politicians and the media. 

Until actual evidence is made public of bribery or any of the other phrases being used by politicians, We the undersigned demand an end to the wasteful and divisive impeachment being led by House Democrats.

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Michael Martin
Richard Chambers
Andreas Munsey
Ronna Robinson
Raymie Connolly
Don Curtis
Theresa Floyd
Kyle Stephens
Cyndi Yingling
Adrian Brunson
James Pogue
J. Patrick Gantt
Judy Berry
Theresa Clark
Cathy Laska
Sheryl Durbin
Robert Gillespie
Jeff Benofsky
Randall Spaan
Walter Tillson
Richard Manzo
Dennis McLain
Connie Telfair
Larry Harris
Suzanne St.John
C Kelly
Raymond Ellefritz
Byrl Brewer
Lonny Achey
Randall Rivers
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  • Michael Martin
    signed 2019-12-18 17:28:12 -0800
    The House of Representatives is the biggest laughing stock in HISTORY…..I am registered Democrat and the Pelosi train is an embarrassment!!! EVERY ONE of them has WASTED my tax dollars and shown ZERO evidence…..because there IS NONE!!!
  • Richard Chambers
    signed 2019-12-18 17:25:03 -0800
  • Andreas Munsey
    signed 2019-12-18 17:05:07 -0800
    If anyone should be investigated it should be Biden, Obama, the Clintons and all of the Democrats/Socialists feeding this nonsense!!!
  • Ronna Robinson
    signed 2019-12-18 16:56:51 -0800
  • Raymie Connolly
    signed 2019-12-18 16:29:47 -0800
    These are conspiratorial accusations and these men and women must be held accountable for acts of treason.
  • Don Curtis
    signed 2019-12-18 16:29:15 -0800
  • Theresa Floyd
    signed 2019-12-18 16:07:28 -0800
  • Kyle Stephens
    signed 2019-12-18 15:56:28 -0800
  • Cyndi Yingling
    signed 2019-12-18 15:51:12 -0800
    I want the wall on the southern border completed and loopholes closed. This impeachment is a sham. National Security is the wall.
  • Adrian Brunson
    signed 2019-12-18 15:39:23 -0800
  • James Pogue
    signed 2019-12-18 15:38:57 -0800
    It was always a farce, an unconstitutional witch hunt to cancel the 2016 Presidential election. What goes around comes around, I hope the democrats pay dearly.
  • J. Patrick Gantt
    signed 2019-12-18 15:19:42 -0800
    J. Patrick Gantt
  • Judy Berry
    signed 2019-12-18 15:18:20 -0800
    Judy Berry
  • Theresa Clark
    signed 2019-12-18 15:01:37 -0800
    They should all be charged with treason.
  • Cathy Laska
    signed 2019-12-18 14:48:17 -0800
  • Sheryl Durbin
    signed 2019-12-18 14:45:57 -0800
  • Robert Gillespie
    signed 2019-12-18 14:41:52 -0800
    So called Democrats have no evidence of even one thing that President Trump has done wrong. You may not know it, but in our country a person that is accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. You have no evidence and therefore no proof. I personally believe that you have made the whole damned thing up, and for that you are guilty of crimes yourself, and there is evidence of that. It seems to me that the wrong person is being impeached. The ones that should be impeached are you, Schiff, Nadler,and many others in the so called Democrat Party. You are a total disgrace to our country. You should resign right now and leave public service forever. The whole bunch of you are not fit to be in our Government.
  • Jeff Benofsky
    signed 2019-12-18 14:31:18 -0800
  • Randall Spaan
    signed 2019-12-18 14:25:55 -0800
    Randall Spaan
  • Walter Tillson
    signed 2019-12-18 14:22:32 -0800
  • Richard Manzo
    signed 2019-12-18 14:17:04 -0800
    Richard Manzo
  • Dennis McLain
    signed 2019-12-18 14:09:39 -0800
    Dennis Jay McLain
  • Connie Telfair
    signed 2019-12-18 14:08:38 -0800
  • Larry Harris
    signed 2019-12-18 13:44:31 -0800
  • Suzanne St.John
    signed 2019-12-18 13:14:06 -0800
  • C Kelly
    signed 2019-12-18 13:11:41 -0800
    C Kelly
  • Raymond Ellefritz
    signed 2019-12-18 13:10:44 -0800
  • Byrl Brewer
    signed via 2019-12-17 13:01:44 -0800
    Byrl a Brewer
  • Lonny Achey
    signed 2019-12-17 07:41:23 -0800
  • Randall Rivers
    signed 2019-12-16 21:07:48 -0800