Show Us The Evidence

To: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff & House Democrats,

You have taken the nation down a divisive path toward impeachment, yet have failed to produce the evidence or witness testimony that shows any crime, much less the crimes you and the politicians claim were committed.

We The People demand Democrats immediately stop any hearings, inquiries or any action involved in impeaching the President until actual testimony or evidence is brought forth to the American people that shows any high crime committed by the President. 

The witnesses thus far have been asked directly if they have any evidence of bribery or criminal activity or wrongdoing and each of them answered No. 

All Democrats have produced are a series of witnesses who disagree with policy decisions or the manner in which President Trump makes decisions and consults with advisors, in this case regarding Ukraine. In no way have any of these witnesses produced any evidence whatsoever of an actual crime. It is a narrative made up completely by politicians and the media. 

Until actual evidence is made public of bribery or any of the other phrases being used by politicians, We the undersigned demand an end to the wasteful and divisive impeachment being led by House Democrats.

Who's signing

Vernon Pace
Doug Jones
Carolyn Minah
Jackie Williams
Craig Coffey
Dwayne Oxford
Ward Tarbox
Debbie Warnock
Keith Fouts
Gail Daley
Linda Drossos
Ann Gabel
David Leeling
Hubert Rosa
Louis Lombi
Michael Hurd
Virgil Pilkington
A.F. Montealegre
Randy Gaul
Lilly Fiene
Perry Michael
Lloyd sanders
Stephen Russell
Wayne Alvens Sr
Riley Sisco
Marje Kimberly
Neil Hauser
Ron Brandon
Jean Libby
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  • Vernon Pace
    signed 2020-01-31 08:53:10 -0800
  • Doug Jones
    signed 2020-01-31 08:15:07 -0800
    Doug Jones
  • Carolyn Minah
    signed 2020-01-31 07:14:22 -0800
  • Jackie Williams
    signed 2020-01-31 06:01:02 -0800
  • Craig Coffey
    signed 2020-01-31 05:56:10 -0800
  • Dwayne Oxford
    signed 2020-01-31 04:23:45 -0800
    All you have to do to figger what dimmercraps are is to look how things are where they represent. TRASH!!
  • Ward Tarbox
    signed 2020-01-31 02:27:01 -0800
  • Pierre Meilhac
    @pmeilhac tweeted link to this page. 2020-01-31 01:11:56 -0800
  • Debbie Warnock
    signed 2020-01-31 00:58:29 -0800
    Debbie Warnock
  • Keith Fouts
    signed 2020-01-30 20:22:46 -0800
  • Gail Daley
    signed 2020-01-30 19:50:07 -0800

    Stop wasting taxpayers monies & resources!!!
  • Linda Drossos
    signed 2020-01-30 19:24:44 -0800
    This whole process is disgusting and must end! What these Democrats have done to this President, even before he was duly elected, is reprehensible. This sham shows how little they do care for the American people, wasting OUR money and OUR time, with little to show for the last year except hate. Shame!
  • Ann Gabel
    signed 2020-01-30 19:14:00 -0800
  • David Leeling
    signed 2020-01-30 19:12:05 -0800
    Get your heads out of your asses and get back to work !!!!!
  • Hubert Rosa
    signed 2020-01-30 18:15:24 -0800
  • Louis Lombi
    signed 2020-01-30 18:00:56 -0800
  • Michael Hurd
    signed 2020-01-30 17:40:13 -0800
    Michael Hurd
  • Virgil Pilkington
    signed 2020-01-30 17:11:41 -0800
    The Democrats haven’t done their job of proving Trump did anything wrong. Now they are over to the Senate to get the Senate to do what they couldn’t do, Prove Trump guilty of a crime. Lock them down so they can’t campaign then they wont return.
  • A.F. Montealegre
    signed 2020-01-30 17:04:04 -0800
  • Randy Gaul
    signed 2020-01-30 17:00:19 -0800
  • Lilly Fiene
    signed 2020-01-30 16:57:56 -0800
  • Perry Michael
    signed 2020-01-30 16:52:40 -0800
    Stop wasting taxpayers money!!!
  • Lloyd sanders
    signed 2020-01-30 16:45:36 -0800
  • Stephen Russell
    signed 2020-01-30 16:35:13 -0800
  • Wayne Alvens Sr
    signed 2020-01-30 16:26:54 -0800
  • Riley Sisco
    signed 2020-01-30 15:50:12 -0800
    MSgt ret and Mrs Riley L. Sisco
  • Marje Kimberly
    signed 2020-01-30 15:47:01 -0800
    This sham trial is a humiliation to my country. Never before, has ANY president performed as appropriately as Donald Trump has performed! He has kept ALL of his promises and counting, while the worthless Democrats continue to pretend they love America! They are ALL communists! I am not name calling, here! I am speaking the truth! NONE should be in the halls of either the senate or congress, and ALL, in my view, should be indicted ad arrested for obstruction of justice, lying continuously to the American people, holding the American media in bondage to the Democratic party, and for total treasonous activities toward America! It is “horrible” to have to be a member of the American public and watch the disgusting, lying, and damaging remarks about our President! I’d like to see any democrat survive three hours worth of these snide, sarcastic lies, let alone the three years our president has endured them. Yet, in spite of all of the disgusting conduct of the democrats, President Trump has continued to work his ass off for America. His enemies are many! They all belong in jail! When they are in jail, they can at last be free of the country called “America” that they tried so desperately to destroy! Every one of these public servants are “on the take” financially in order to give the Rothschild family what they want! They are working for the New World Order, not for Americans! I am an American!
  • Neil Hauser
    signed 2020-01-30 15:17:22 -0800
    Neil Hauser
  • Ron Brandon
    signed 2020-01-30 14:50:49 -0800
    Ron Brandon
  • Jean Libby
    signed 2020-01-30 14:15:40 -0800
    The House needs to get to work “for the people”. They have wasted taxpayer money and done nothing but show their hatred that their candidate lost.