Show Us The Evidence

To: Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff & House Democrats,

You have taken the nation down a divisive path toward impeachment, yet have failed to produce the evidence or witness testimony that shows any crime, much less the crimes you and the politicians claim were committed.

We The People demand Democrats immediately stop any hearings, inquiries or any action involved in impeaching the President until actual testimony or evidence is brought forth to the American people that shows any high crime committed by the President. 

The witnesses thus far have been asked directly if they have any evidence of bribery or criminal activity or wrongdoing and each of them answered No. 

All Democrats have produced are a series of witnesses who disagree with policy decisions or the manner in which President Trump makes decisions and consults with advisors, in this case regarding Ukraine. In no way have any of these witnesses produced any evidence whatsoever of an actual crime. It is a narrative made up completely by politicians and the media. 

Until actual evidence is made public of bribery or any of the other phrases being used by politicians, We the undersigned demand an end to the wasteful and divisive impeachment being led by House Democrats.

Who's signing

Michael Hurd
Betty and Elmer Henry
Frederick & Jilian Buck
Cleo Northrup
Caley Pace
Jeff Pace
Richard Haller
Tim Brumit
Charles Ryan
Daniel Armstrong
Scott Miller
John Rogers
Neil Benningfield
Frank Starling
Larry Knight
Tom McDaniel
Lane Smith
James Grebas
Laura Pavloff
david Krause
Daniel Cartrette
Ronald Cosman
Carol Berube
Daniel Joyce
Matt Atkins
James P Vincent
Dana McDavid
Laurie Denegar
Bernd Groeger
Norma Byrd
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  • Michael Hurd
    signed 2019-12-12 15:18:22 -0800
    Michael Hurd
  • Betty and Elmer Henry
    signed 2019-12-12 14:55:57 -0800
    Democrats get back to work doing your job, or get voted out! This is not what you were elected to do!
  • Frederick & Jilian Buck
    signed 2019-12-12 10:46:51 -0800
    No No Impeachment
  • Cleo Northrup
    signed 2019-12-12 10:33:05 -0800
  • Caley Pace
    signed 2019-12-12 09:36:06 -0800
  • Jeff Pace
    signed 2019-12-12 09:25:27 -0800
  • Richard Haller
    signed 2019-12-12 08:04:17 -0800
    Stop this madness now, the Democratic Party is an embarrassment to the United States of America.
  • Tim Brumit
    signed 2019-12-12 07:22:05 -0800
  • Charles Ryan
    signed 2019-12-12 05:28:23 -0800
  • Daniel Armstrong
    signed 2019-12-12 02:48:00 -0800
  • Scott Miller
    signed 2019-12-12 01:18:36 -0800
  • John Rogers
    signed 2019-12-11 23:14:23 -0800
  • Neil Benningfield
    signed 2019-12-11 22:04:51 -0800
  • Frank Starling
    signed 2019-12-11 21:31:39 -0800
  • Larry Knight
    signed 2019-12-11 20:37:25 -0800
  • Tom McDaniel
    signed 2019-12-11 19:14:44 -0800
  • Lane Smith
    signed 2019-12-11 19:01:55 -0800
    This garbage needs to stop! Leave the POTUS alone. DO nothing Democrats need to shut up and actually start earning their overpaid salaries that “We the People” pay them.
  • James Grebas
    signed 2019-12-11 16:43:36 -0800
  • Laura Pavloff
    signed 2019-12-11 16:43:33 -0800
  • david Krause
    signed 2019-12-11 16:34:29 -0800
  • Daniel Cartrette
    signed 2019-12-11 15:49:10 -0800
  • Ronald Cosman
    signed 2019-12-11 15:45:51 -0800
    Start investigations on Pelosi and Alan Shiff a crooked as those two are it shouldn’t be that hard to force them to resign with prison terms like 50 years. Why aren’t they doing their jobs instead of wasting tax payers hard earned money on shams and lies.

    The President is doing an excellent job and he is trying to straighten out what Obama and the Democrats screwed up for 8 years.
  • Carol Berube
    signed 2019-12-11 15:38:39 -0800
  • Daniel Joyce
    signed 2019-12-11 15:37:43 -0800
    I’m sick and tired of this get Trump bulls&t I’m a registered democrat I’m embrassed to say, but I fully intend to rectify that! I want the wall built, I want the illegals deported and take their gibberace and their flags with them! Socialist commie anti American anti constitution democrats suck!! Men in womens bathrooms???? What are you friut cakes nuts!!
  • Matt Atkins
    signed 2019-12-11 15:35:50 -0800
  • James P Vincent
    signed 2019-12-11 15:23:14 -0800
  • Dana McDavid
    signed 2019-12-11 15:09:09 -0800
  • Laurie Denegar
    signed 2019-12-11 15:01:51 -0800
    Let President Trump do his job and stop wasting taxpayers money on this Witch hunt !
  • Bernd Groeger
    signed 2019-12-11 14:11:09 -0800
  • Norma Byrd
    signed 2019-12-11 14:04:03 -0800
    To Ms. Pelosi et al: YOU are the ones who should be impeached for all of your subversive attempts to change or eradicate our established Constitution. You and your gang of thugs have decided you can make your own laws and disregard the majority vote which put our current president in place. YOU need to realize that there still are voters who actually THINK, and the major change we needed was, and IS, to stop the headlong rush to Socialism and anarchy that the Democratic party has been hell-bent on achieving.