No Impeachment

To: Democrats Who Want to Impeach the President

We The People know that Democrats have attempted to remove the President from office from the day after he was elected. For two years the fraudulent effort of Robert Mueller failed spectacularly to yield the results needed to overturn the election.

The current attempt based on a so-called "whistleblower" and backed up by hearings being conducted behind closed doors is a fraudulent impeachment made to undermine the President through selective leaks and control of witnesses. And still Democrats haven't alleged a crime has been committed, just a quid pro quo which is disproven when faced with the facts.

We The People demand to know what Democrats are hiding in their secret hearings. The public should see all evidence and due process should be afforded the President. We The People demand to know what crime was committed and why Democrats should be wasting the People's time and money conducting impeachment hearings one year before an election. Is it that Democrats do not believe they can defeat the President at the ballot box and must resort to attempts to remove him from office through a fraudulent impeachment. 

Stop Impeachment Now. 


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Nancy Norton
joseph wisniewski
thomas christy
Carol Sweatman
sandra harrison
Larry Fisher
Amarllis Hazlip
Leon Hobdari
Donna Crowley
Steven Sass
Kay Samalin
Rosemary Dandrea
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  • Nancy Norton
    signed 2019-10-31 10:11:51 -0700
  • joseph wisniewski
    signed 2019-10-31 10:11:11 -0700
    joseph wisniewski
  • thomas christy
    signed 2019-10-31 10:11:08 -0700
  • Carol Sweatman
    signed 2019-10-31 10:10:33 -0700
  • sandra harrison
    signed 2019-10-31 10:10:18 -0700
  • Larry Fisher
    signed 2019-10-31 10:09:37 -0700
  • Amarllis Hazlip
    signed 2019-10-31 10:07:36 -0700
    Amarllis Hazlip
  • Leon Hobdari
    signed 2019-10-31 10:07:19 -0700
  • Donna Crowley
    signed 2019-10-31 10:03:23 -0700
  • Steven Sass
    signed 2019-10-31 10:02:11 -0700
    Congress has often wasted a lot of time [and MY MONEY] but this gambit takes the pelosie cake!
  • Kay Samalin
    signed 2019-10-31 10:00:41 -0700
    Kay Samalin
  • Rosemary Dandrea
    signed 2019-10-31 09:52:35 -0700
    Rosemary DANDRE