No Impeachment

To: Democrats Who Want to Impeach the President

We The People know that Democrats have attempted to remove the President from office from the day after he was elected. For two years the fraudulent effort of Robert Mueller failed spectacularly to yield the results needed to overturn the election.

The current attempt based on a so-called "whistleblower" and backed up by hearings being conducted behind closed doors is a fraudulent impeachment made to undermine the President through selective leaks and control of witnesses. And still Democrats haven't alleged a crime has been committed, just a quid pro quo which is disproven when faced with the facts.

We The People demand to know what Democrats are hiding in their secret hearings. The public should see all evidence and due process should be afforded the President. We The People demand to know what crime was committed and why Democrats should be wasting the People's time and money conducting impeachment hearings one year before an election. Is it that Democrats do not believe they can defeat the President at the ballot box and must resort to attempts to remove him from office through a fraudulent impeachment. 

Stop Impeachment Now. 


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Teresa Larkin
James Bates
Donna Beeman
Paul Carroll
Jerry Cayce
Reevance Gates
Jack Craig
Raya Meron
Barbara Rogers
Beatrice Mosman
james Gemmell
ken leaman
Robert Conder
Patricia Knoll
Jeff Barncord
Lynn Loomis
Jennifer Parisi
Fred Stutts
Carolyn McGloon
harry ritchie
Bruce Zachmann
James Blakey
Richard Smith
Dennis Chapiewsky
Randy Katrenak
sandra stake
Rick Schmidt
mary barry
Michael wasserman
Ronald Spagnola
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  • Teresa Larkin
    signed 2019-11-01 11:53:15 -0700
    He is trying to make America secure and free American citizens from the slavery to other countries and illegal welfare. He is following the constitution and laws and he can’t be bought or bribed. How does Pelosi and these different reps have millions? Not from govt pay. Maybe from bribes from the Cartel not to build the wall, or from sex trafficking. The Democrats have proven they hate the people they represent and our country. They are the ones who need to be removed from office and in jail and reembursing the American people of all the money they stole from us. Billions from our SS fund that they have NO RIGHT to touch.
  • James Bates
    signed 2019-11-01 11:39:01 -0700
  • Donna Beeman
    signed 2019-11-01 11:06:12 -0700
  • Paul Carroll
    signed 2019-11-01 10:38:47 -0700
  • Jerry Cayce
    signed 2019-11-01 10:21:27 -0700
  • Reevance Gates
    signed 2019-11-01 09:45:11 -0700
  • Jack Craig
    signed 2019-11-01 09:37:35 -0700
    What a waste of money
  • Raya Meron
    signed 2019-11-01 09:25:04 -0700
  • Barbara Rogers
    signed 2019-11-01 09:10:21 -0700
    Stop impeachment and all other attempts to remove President Trump from office & wasting my tax dollars. Get busy protecting our country & restore dollars taken from SS.
  • Beatrice Mosman
    signed 2019-11-01 08:48:49 -0700
    I stand with Trump….he Will NOT be impeached.
  • james Gemmell
    signed 2019-11-01 08:48:42 -0700
    The Dem’s had better check the temperature of the American people before they continue down this road.
  • ken leaman
    signed 2019-11-01 08:25:54 -0700
    ken leaman
  • Robert Conder
    signed 2019-11-01 08:10:31 -0700
    Robert Conder
  • Patricia Knoll
    signed 2019-11-01 08:06:00 -0700
  • Jeff Barncord
    signed 2019-11-01 08:02:25 -0700
  • Lynn Loomis
    signed 2019-11-01 08:01:24 -0700
  • Jennifer Parisi
    signed 2019-11-01 07:46:06 -0700
  • Fred Stutts
    signed 2019-11-01 07:30:00 -0700
  • Carolyn McGloon
    signed 2019-11-01 07:12:11 -0700
  • harry ritchie
    signed 2019-11-01 06:41:04 -0700
    never vote for another democrap
  • Bruce Zachmann
    signed 2019-11-01 06:29:40 -0700
    Bruce Zachmann
  • James Blakey
    signed 2019-11-01 06:23:21 -0700
  • Richard Smith
    signed 2019-11-01 06:22:12 -0700
    Richard Smith
  • Dennis Chapiewsky
    signed 2019-11-01 06:09:49 -0700
    Try and focus on doing something good for the Country, even though , hopefully half of you will go to prison, for prior misdeeds.. We need a two term limit law, one term in office and one term in prison…
  • Randy Katrenak
    signed 2019-11-01 06:00:00 -0700
    Randy Katrenak
  • sandra stake
    signed 2019-11-01 05:50:57 -0700
    sandra stake
  • Rick Schmidt
    signed 2019-11-01 05:44:57 -0700
    I have never seen such B.S. in my life. The democraps have been trying to impeach Trump since the night he won the election. People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.
  • mary barry
    signed 2019-11-01 05:31:04 -0700
    the dems are trying to stop Trump before they go to prison for their numerous crimes.
  • Michael wasserman
    signed 2019-11-01 04:52:54 -0700
    Michael wasserman
  • Ronald Spagnola
    signed via 2019-11-01 04:15:15 -0700