No Impeachment

To: Democrats Who Want to Impeach the President

We The People know that Democrats have attempted to remove the President from office from the day after he was elected. For two years the fraudulent effort of Robert Mueller failed spectacularly to yield the results needed to overturn the election.

The current attempt based on a so-called "whistleblower" and backed up by hearings being conducted behind closed doors is a fraudulent impeachment made to undermine the President through selective leaks and control of witnesses. And still Democrats haven't alleged a crime has been committed, just a quid pro quo which is disproven when faced with the facts.

We The People demand to know what Democrats are hiding in their secret hearings. The public should see all evidence and due process should be afforded the President. We The People demand to know what crime was committed and why Democrats should be wasting the People's time and money conducting impeachment hearings one year before an election. Is it that Democrats do not believe they can defeat the President at the ballot box and must resort to attempts to remove him from office through a fraudulent impeachment. 

Stop Impeachment Now. 


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Michael Davis
Damon A. Duval
Sherrel Harvey
Suzanne Short
Jean Pierre Pujol
Marje Kimberly
Debra Bryant
Robert Meigs
Brett Schafer
clifford FosterDDS
Renee Mattison
G D Stoneburner
Lorraine Haase
Gary Sheppard
Judy Berry
Lyle Miller
Caley Pace
Carole Calabria
Elliott Lehem
Susan Hitt
Rodney Collins
Thomas Hendrix
Sharon Riordan
David VanderKlay
Loren Cheek
bill bleakley
Ward Tarbox
Lewis Collins
Linda Drossos
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  • Michael Davis
    signed via 2019-11-13 22:27:45 -0800
    Michael Davis
  • Damon A. Duval
    signed 2019-11-13 04:24:49 -0800
  • Sherrel Harvey
    signed 2019-11-13 01:40:25 -0800
  • Suzanne Short
    signed 2019-11-12 19:37:37 -0800
    President Trump has accomplished so much within the short period within our White House and the Dems/commies/nazis have truly persecuted this man from the time he first stepped up to be a candidate. So many are guilty of treason and are still walking freely and they have not been held accountable. President Trump has done nothing except everything possible to help our country and protect and defend our constitution without any help from these treasonous Dems. He does not deserve this treatment….He deserves to be congratulated for doing everything he possibly can to help and protect our great nation and the American people. The Dems/Commies/Nazies on the other hand have done everything they possibly can to destroy President Trump, his Family and the American People and our country……so many of these traitors need to be impeached and removed from the People House of Representatives and all departments of our Government. God Bless our America.
  • Jean Pierre Pujol
    signed 2019-11-12 19:35:40 -0800
    Jean Pierre Pujol
  • Marje Kimberly
    signed 2019-11-12 16:56:50 -0800
    The sooner these Democrats stop this nonsense, the sooner our nation can have some important laws made, which are just waiting in the wings for bipartisan support! How about the US/Mexico/Canada Treaty? Our nation needs this treaty signed for the good of America! So what are the Democrats doing? They are focused on impeachment, and we, the people, are fed up and damned angry about it. Stop the nonsense! Get back to work NOW!
  • Debra Bryant
    signed 2019-11-12 16:44:13 -0800
  • Robert Meigs
    signed 2019-11-12 11:01:46 -0800
  • Brett Schafer
    signed 2019-11-11 14:44:22 -0800
    I have been an independent voter, voting for whoever has similar ideas and follows the constitution. However, after this past 2 years, I don’t know how anyone could vote democrat. All the made up stuff about Trump and Kavanaugh and their stand on abortion is sickening. They also never studied history, as socialism has never worked in any county in the world.
  • clifford FosterDDS
    signed 2019-11-10 14:24:23 -0800
  • Renee Mattison
    signed 2019-11-09 19:43:37 -0800
    If you plan to impeach the President, you shouldn’t be hiding behind closed doors with a “whistleblower” you won’t name. This is in total disrespect for us as Americans. The Democrats have done nothing for our country since President Trump has been in office. Enough! I am against his impeachment. Allow him to do what he has promised to do for us.
  • G D Stoneburner
    signed 2019-11-09 11:53:29 -0800
    This is purely revenge bt the “Commie-crats” because the “ENTITLED ONEHRC was crushed by a REAL man who is getting done what he said he wanted to do & the Dems won’t have anything to run on like they have done with the same issues election after election. NO CORANATION for Clinton! That’s the reason they started the day after the election to impeach him. PURE REVENGE on their part! MAGA!!! GDS
  • Lorraine Haase
    signed 2019-11-09 08:39:50 -0800
    President Trump is the most effective President we have had since Ronald Reagan. For three years the furiously jealous Democrats have taken a ‘no-holds’ barred campaign to unseat him. They have considered no issue concerning us—the American people—not immigration; not borders; not terrorism; not health care; not taxes; not the drug crisis; NOTHING! My opinion is we need to fight to give President Trump a second term, and instead impeach (i.e. get RID of) the Democrats. Of course, this would exclude the two Representatives who are voting to keep President Trump in office.

    God willing, let’s continue: "Making America Great Again!’

    In God We Trust
  • Gary Sheppard
    signed 2019-11-09 02:52:16 -0800
  • Judy Berry
    signed 2019-11-08 20:34:33 -0800
  • Ramona Miller
    @ramona239 tweeted link to this page. 2019-11-08 16:46:14 -0800
  • Lyle Miller
    signed 2019-11-08 16:45:23 -0800
  • Caley Pace
    signed 2019-11-08 15:42:08 -0800
  • Carole Calabria
    signed 2019-11-08 12:17:41 -0800
  • Elliott Lehem
    signed 2019-11-08 10:45:32 -0800
  • Susan Hitt
    signed 2019-11-08 10:20:06 -0800
  • Rodney Collins
    signed 2019-11-08 09:40:44 -0800
  • Thomas Hendrix
    signed 2019-11-08 07:22:40 -0800
    This little scumbag weasel (Adam Schiff-head) should be immediately removed from Congress. He’s about as impressive as that other lying scum-sucker, Buckwheat Hussein Ovomit. Another poster child for term limits, Nancy Puke-osi needs to be aborted, too. The FACTS will win out . Go Donald Trump and Mike Pence!

  • Sharon Riordan
    signed 2019-11-08 05:53:18 -0800
  • David VanderKlay
    signed 2019-11-08 05:30:52 -0800
    David VanderKlay
  • Loren Cheek
    signed 2019-11-08 05:15:01 -0800
    Loren Cheek
  • bill bleakley
    signed 2019-11-08 03:02:56 -0800
  • Ward Tarbox
    signed 2019-11-08 02:32:37 -0800
    It is time for some Congress people to be impeached and for quite a few Doj,FBI,CIA, and other bureaucrats to be arrest, tried, convicted, and put in prison for the biggest abuse of LE and intelligent tools to rig an election and start a Coup against a sitting president.
  • Lewis Collins
    signed 2019-11-07 22:17:31 -0800
  • Linda Drossos
    signed 2019-11-07 19:35:37 -0800