Hold Pelosi Accountable!

Nancy Pelosi, the destruction you have wrought on Congress can never be undone. You have put a stain on the institution while playing political games that divides and destroys our great Nation.

Your childish antics at the State of the Union should be the final time you are afforded that privileged position. Tearing up the speech in a temper tantrum and refusing to introduce the President in the respected manner as is custom should be the last straw for your leadership. We demand you be held accountable!

You have lied to the American people. You have given power to radical elements who want to destroy our country. You have chosen to value illegal immigrants more than American citizens. 

We The People support the effort of Patriotic Congressman Matt Gaetz and demand Congress hold Nancy Pelosi Accountable!

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Lawrence Cooper
Karen Sifuentes
Gary Sheppard
Terrance Fleck
Thomas Kennelly
Nancy Dueppengiesser
Bobbie Knauer
Vicki Barrett
Jacquelyn Gibbons
Mike Wasserman
Bruce Mullininx
David Lloyd
Douglas Nelson
Nancy Misasi
Jane Husfeld
Jerry Owen
Magalen Webert
Bill Payne
john vasko
Joe Speer
Barry Thompson
Joseph Discipio
Roscoe Whitney
Kenneth Budd
Edward Richthammer
Glenn Cunningham
Kenneth Long
Dexter Wheeler
Thomas Wheeler
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  • Lawrence Cooper
    signed 2020-02-07 12:06:44 -0800
  • Karen Sifuentes
    signed 2020-02-07 12:05:12 -0800
    Karen E Sifuentes
  • Gary Sheppard
    signed 2020-02-07 12:02:31 -0800
    Nancy Pelosi should be impeached. She is the most disgusting Speaker ever.
  • Terrance Fleck
    signed 2020-02-07 11:56:52 -0800
    Terrance Fleck
  • Thomas Kennelly
    signed 2020-02-07 11:55:10 -0800
    Thomas Kennelly
  • Nancy Dueppengiesser
    signed 2020-02-07 11:52:21 -0800
  • Bobbie Knauer
    signed 2020-02-07 11:50:40 -0800
  • Vicki Barrett
    signed 2020-02-07 11:49:29 -0800
  • Jacquelyn Gibbons
    signed 2020-02-07 11:47:05 -0800
  • Mike Wasserman
    signed 2020-02-07 11:44:42 -0800
  • Bruce Mullininx
    signed 2020-02-07 11:43:52 -0800
  • David Lloyd
    signed 2020-02-07 11:38:47 -0800
  • Douglas Nelson
    signed 2020-02-07 11:37:35 -0800
    Obstruction by tge deep state

    Pedophiles luciferians. The luciferian vactican..all are catholic..

    The false shepherd Gog Bergoglio
  • Nancy Misasi
    signed 2020-02-07 11:37:10 -0800
    Nancy Pelosi’s endless motions and act of destroying the SOTU Speech was shameful and she disgraced herself and the House of Rep. by doing so. It was a planned stunt because a camera behind her showed her going thru each page starting her “tear” spot! She is a public embarassment to the American people & the House of Representatives! The Speaker needs to be reminded… “as Speaker” she sits their representing ALL of the American People…, not just her out of control, Democrats!

    I also want to say, yesterday she condemned the President presenting the Metal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh… in essence using "House chambers " for that, AGAIN, please remind Nancy Pelosi… the HOUSE is the People’s House, NOT hers!

    Nancy Pelosi has stepped way out of bounds with her violations of the House rules on Impeachment and her disgusting behavior at the State of the Union! Not to mention her cruel, nasty and unacceptable comments against honoring Rush Limbaugh that night, (hero to MILLIONS) at her so called press conference.. which are only attack POTUS and those who support him!

    It is long past time to “Call Out Pelosi for her abuse of power as Speaker!” She acts like she is the leader of our country…. She is NOT, “DONDALD J TRUMP is!!”… Because ’We the People "chose to put him there!!
  • Jane Husfeld
    signed 2020-02-07 11:35:35 -0800
    Jane A. Husfeld
  • Jerry Owen
    signed 2020-02-07 11:35:28 -0800
  • Magalen Webert
    signed 2020-02-07 11:35:27 -0800
  • Bill Payne
    signed 2020-02-07 11:33:22 -0800
  • john vasko
    signed 2020-02-07 11:32:04 -0800
    We are at war! Thanks for your leadership.
  • Joe Speer
    signed 2020-02-07 11:31:08 -0800
    Joe Speer
  • Bess Servdkold⭐️⭐️⭐️
    @Bess_Servdkold tweeted link to this page. 2020-02-07 11:30:58 -0800
  • Barry Thompson
    signed 2020-02-07 11:30:43 -0800
    Barry Thompson
  • Joseph Discipio
    signed 2020-02-07 11:28:43 -0800
  • Roscoe Whitney
    signed 2020-02-07 11:27:57 -0800
    Roscoe Whitney
  • Kenneth Budd
    signed 2020-02-07 11:27:14 -0800
    Kenneth Budd
  • Edward Richthammer
    signed 2020-02-07 11:27:12 -0800
    I think all involved in the attempted internal over throw of the sitting President should be held accountable for their actions. Charges should be filed against all involved.

    Edward R Richthammer
  • Glenn Cunningham
    signed 2020-02-07 11:25:33 -0800
  • Kenneth Long
    signed 2020-02-07 11:24:15 -0800
  • Dexter Wheeler
    signed 2020-02-07 11:22:53 -0800
    Dexter Wheeler
  • Thomas Wheeler
    signed 2020-02-07 11:22:09 -0800