Fire Chris Wallace Now

Sign the petition to show We The People have had enough with biased debate moderators and the media helping Joe Biden.


Chris Wallace showed his true colors at the debate last night. He's a registered Democrat who supports Joe Biden. The debate was 2 on 1. President Trump against Biden and Wallace. 

Patriots are stepping up to make their voice heard and demand Fox News Fire Chris Wallace Now!

He's not a journalist. He tried to help Joe Biden at every turn. He helped Joe Biden lie. He covered up Joe Biden's scandals. He shut down President Trump while refusing to do the same to Biden.

If you've had enough of Chris Wallace at Fox News sign the petition. We will deliver all signatures to Fox News office and show Chris Wallace that true Patriots want him out! 

Who's signing

Harold Blood
Gilberto Rosario
Sue Coffey
Janice Ingram-Chacon
Dianne O’Neil
Fred Stutts
Perry Murphy
Martin Buehler
Barb Bruns
Richard Schwartz
Betty Burkey
John Lewis
Robert c Grunau
Albert Elliott
Mike Jaye
Jerome Schlanser
Martin Wade
Russell Schlote
Carol Schumann
Leon Heselton
Nancy Langhorst
Gregg Swank
Charlotte Kay
George Hurt
John Papier
Dan Kaiser
BudThey know they are violating the Constitution Calkin
William Johnson
Karen Metcalf
Allan Rothlisberg
1,993 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Harold Blood
    signed 2020-09-30 14:34:29 -0700
  • Gilberto Rosario
    signed 2020-09-30 14:32:26 -0700
  • Sue Coffey
    signed 2020-09-30 14:31:19 -0700
  • Janice Ingram-Chacon
    signed 2020-09-30 14:28:04 -0700
    I can’t stand Chris Wallace. It’s so obvious that he does not like Trump! He should not be a moderator!!
  • Dianne O’Neil
    signed 2020-09-30 14:27:39 -0700
  • Fred Stutts
    signed 2020-09-30 14:19:57 -0700
  • Perry Murphy
    signed 2020-09-30 14:19:50 -0700
  • Martin Buehler
    signed 2020-09-30 14:07:56 -0700
  • Barb Bruns
    signed 2020-09-30 14:06:58 -0700
    Chris Wallace is a disgrace to journalism, as are so many of them these days. Wallace has for years been short , rude and interruptive to his conservative interviewees. While those left leaning get softballs and support. I can’t watch him and his blatant bias.
  • Richard Schwartz
    signed 2020-09-30 14:05:42 -0700
  • Betty Burkey
    signed via 2020-09-30 14:00:50 -0700
    Chris Wallace is not an asset to Fox News….he is biased and it shows. He would do well at CNN!
  • John Lewis
    signed 2020-09-30 14:00:25 -0700
    Bias was evident
  • Robert c Grunau
    signed 2020-09-30 13:57:23 -0700
  • Albert Elliott
    signed 2020-09-30 13:55:30 -0700
    I’ve wanted to see him go for a long time!!! He belongs on MSNBC with Rachel Madcow!!!
  • Mike Jaye
    signed 2020-09-30 13:48:21 -0700
  • Jerome Schlanser
    signed 2020-09-30 13:46:57 -0700
    Fire him NOW, not six Months from now.
  • Martin Wade
    signed via 2020-09-30 13:44:31 -0700
  • Russell Schlote
    signed 2020-09-30 13:43:25 -0700
  • Carol Schumann
    signed 2020-09-30 13:37:32 -0700
    Chris Wallace, in my opinion, has always been less than mediocre in terms of his journalistic abilities. He has now demonstrated that he is also a completely bias and cowardly journalist. His one-sided “performance “ during the debate was unforgivable and unfair to the American people.
  • Leon Heselton
    signed 2020-09-30 13:36:43 -0700
  • Nancy Langhorst
    signed 2020-09-30 13:35:01 -0700
    He is a Communist, period
  • Gregg Swank
    signed 2020-09-30 13:28:11 -0700
    Any newsperson that repeats fake news lies as fact cannot be trusted to report factual news.
  • Charlotte Kay
    signed 2020-09-30 13:26:57 -0700
  • George Hurt
    signed 2020-09-30 13:24:56 -0700
  • John Papier
    signed 2020-09-30 13:23:41 -0700
    Moderator should have microphone control switches to allow only one speaker at a time without interruptions and, moderator should insist on the question be answered without speaker changing the subject.
  • Dan Kaiser
    signed 2020-09-30 13:22:06 -0700
  • BudThey know they are violating the Constitution Calkin
    signed 2020-09-30 13:18:23 -0700
  • William Johnson
    signed 2020-09-30 13:15:09 -0700
    This guy needs to go.
  • Karen Metcalf
    signed 2020-09-30 13:13:57 -0700
  • Allan Rothlisberg
    signed 2020-09-30 13:12:45 -0700
    His bias was so over the top it was disgusting. He is/was no real journalist….just a left wing wack job maskerading as a journalist.