Fire Chris Wallace Now

Sign the petition to show We The People have had enough with biased debate moderators and the media helping Joe Biden.


Chris Wallace showed his true colors at the debate last night. He's a registered Democrat who supports Joe Biden. The debate was 2 on 1. President Trump against Biden and Wallace. 

Patriots are stepping up to make their voice heard and demand Fox News Fire Chris Wallace Now!

He's not a journalist. He tried to help Joe Biden at every turn. He helped Joe Biden lie. He covered up Joe Biden's scandals. He shut down President Trump while refusing to do the same to Biden.

If you've had enough of Chris Wallace at Fox News sign the petition. We will deliver all signatures to Fox News office and show Chris Wallace that true Patriots want him out! 

Who's signing

Nancy Kline
Hudson Skidmore
Thomas F Garcia
John Otis
june lujano
aileen herring
Ralph Hylinski
Robert Lambert
Jeannette Brown
Charles Lassiter
Emilie Walling
Deborah Steinmetz
Denise Poirier
Russell McClellan
Maxx Sands
Jim Louis
Susan Misa
Roger Shaw
Alice F Venner
Helen Osterhout
Linda Davis
Jean Sutton
Robert Wellston
Elinor Draper
Sandra Tannler
Loretta Rebeck
Henry Smith
Ron Thompson
LeiAnn Ingrassi
Michael Merchant
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  • Nancy Kline
    signed 2020-09-30 23:06:06 -0700
    Chris Wallace’s moderating of the debate last night, 9/29/20 was disgraceful, disgusting and he needs to be removed immediately!!! Never have I seen a President treated with so much blatant disrespect and hatefulness!!! Shame on Chris Wallace, Joe Biden and all that were responsible for that disgusting display and attack on our President!!!
  • Hudson Skidmore
    signed 2020-09-30 23:01:26 -0700
  • Thomas F Garcia
    signed 2020-09-30 22:55:07 -0700
  • John Otis
    signed 2020-09-30 22:39:41 -0700
    Orchestrated injustice and deliberate unprofessional bias and disrespect to President and all American voters
  • june lujano
    signed 2020-09-30 22:32:57 -0700
    I like Chris Wallace, but last night he favored one candidate over the other.
  • aileen herring
    signed 2020-09-30 22:20:05 -0700
    Wallace is definitely not an unbiased journalist and it really showed when he brought up things that have already been debunked that were total lies and jumped in to defend biden when he shouldn’t have
  • Ralph Hylinski
    signed 2020-09-30 22:12:28 -0700
  • Robert Lambert
    signed 2020-09-30 22:08:21 -0700
    What bothers me most about Chris Wallace is his high-handed pretense of fairness. I am only surprised when his obvious bias is not on display (not very often; I think comet fly-byes are more common). He belongs on CNN or MSDNC, were hardly anyone will be watching; he’ll fit right in! He treats LIES as TRUTH and TRUTH as LIES just as all Democrats do to further their attempts to change our great country into a socialist utopia (oxymoron) under their control. (OF the Democrats, BY the Democrats, SCREW the people would be their new motto!)
  • Jeannette Brown
    signed 2020-09-30 22:05:47 -0700
  • Charles Lassiter
    signed 2020-09-30 22:05:14 -0700
  • Emilie Walling
    signed 2020-09-30 21:54:38 -0700
  • Deborah Steinmetz
    signed 2020-09-30 21:49:21 -0700
  • Denise Poirier
    signed 2020-09-30 21:41:54 -0700
  • Russell McClellan
    signed 2020-09-30 21:39:18 -0700
  • Maxx Sands
    signed 2020-09-30 21:30:35 -0700
    Revolting & one sided protection provided in favor of Joe Biden in the debate is unacceptable!
  • Jim Louis
    signed 2020-09-30 21:28:21 -0700
  • Susan Misa
    signed 2020-09-30 21:04:55 -0700
    Not only did he not have control over the situation, but he let Biden get away with not answering his questions therefore proving Biden has a lot he is hiding and not giving the viewer a true picture of what Biden states for and what Biden will do.
  • Roger Shaw
    signed 2020-09-30 21:03:34 -0700
  • Alice F Venner
    signed 2020-09-30 20:53:51 -0700
    I once had great respect for Mr. Wallace . . . . Over the years he has chipped away at his reputation for fairness with obviously biased analyses, comments and questions. Whatever respect I had left is now gone.
  • Helen Osterhout
    signed 2020-09-30 20:48:41 -0700
  • Linda Davis
    signed 2020-09-30 20:34:22 -0700
  • Jean Sutton
    signed via 2020-09-30 20:33:06 -0700
  • Robert Wellston
    signed 2020-09-30 20:32:31 -0700
    What a sham performance! I knew he didn’t like Trump, but the lengths he went to to ambush the President shows that “Fair and Balanced” is on the way out at Fox News. He demanded that Trump denounce White Supremists, which he has, and militias, why should he. He didn’t demand that Joe Biden denounce the rioters and looters.
  • Elinor Draper
    signed 2020-09-30 20:24:51 -0700
  • Sandra Tannler
    signed 2020-09-30 20:24:22 -0700
    I am furious with Chris, what a rotten moderator.
  • Loretta Rebeck
    signed 2020-09-30 20:20:38 -0700
  • Henry Smith
    signed 2020-09-30 20:15:39 -0700
  • Ron Thompson
    signed 2020-09-30 20:14:57 -0700
  • LeiAnn Ingrassi
    signed 2020-09-30 20:14:06 -0700
    Chris Wallace has proven he’s not a fair and balance reporter hut a bias liar and fraud. Fox News must fire Wallace now. I’m sick and tired of the blatant bias an attacks my Serb earl if Fox News. I’m changing the Chanel. President Trump was not only debating Biden but he was also debating Wallace who displayed his bias and didn’t ask Biden any of the hard questions. I think the questions were leaked to him.
  • Michael Merchant
    signed 2020-09-30 20:07:39 -0700
    Fire the biased and corrupt news media staff .