Cut UN Funding Now

The time is now to once and for all stop funding the anti-American radicals in the United Nations. This is a global body made up of extremist and undemocratic countries who are funded by American taxpayers to the detriment of American interests and American sovereignty. By signing this petition I urge President Trump and his team to cut off all funding to the United Nations.

The US taxpayer will not fund a global body comprised of nations who terrorize their own people and who spread terrorism around the world. These same nations then use the UN to bully Democratic nations like the United States and Israel. It is past time to show the UN that Americans refuse to finance their anti-American and anti-Democratic endeavors. Cut Off All UN Funding Now!   

Who's signing

Robert Snow
hubert bradford
Ronald Jones
John Mello
Richard Wittauer
Dianne Traphagen
Ralph Marshall
Carole Senese
Eric Levy
Billie Parrish
Lorraine Hodge
Ada Mendoza
Winter Powers
Barbara Richardson
Robert Parson
Denise Higgins
Gregory Glasby
Diana Ruggerio
Ursula Short Hayes
Kathleen Kirsan
Judith Whitt
Sharon Anderson
Victoria Forest
Sherry Casstevens
Janet Cornell
Linda Kane
Linda Cooper
Gary Raind
Margaret Gowan
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  • Robert Snow
    signed 2019-11-04 11:48:42 -0800
  • hubert bradford
    signed 2019-10-31 12:19:23 -0700
    get out all together
  • Ronald Jones
    signed 2019-10-14 10:53:24 -0700
  • John Mello
    signed 2019-01-29 15:43:54 -0800
    The United Nations is an organization dedicated to supposedly maintaining peace through out the world. The only mission the UN really has is uniting against the United States; its ranks are filled with con men and criminals. A total waste of taxpayer monies and a drain on American treasure.
  • Richard Wittauer
    signed 2018-05-12 13:12:35 -0700
    We should have gotten out of the UN along time ago, for a lot of the country’s hate us,and getting funding which they use against us.
  • Dianne Traphagen
    signed 2018-01-23 15:10:09 -0800
  • Ralph Marshall
    signed 2018-01-13 17:48:36 -0800
    Withdraw from the UN, period!!!! don’t give them a dime!!!!!
  • Carole Senese
    signed 2017-12-28 14:27:31 -0800
  • Eric Levy
    signed 2017-12-28 11:43:23 -0800
  • Billie Parrish
    signed 2017-12-28 10:44:53 -0800
    Billie Parrish
  • Lorraine Hodge
    signed 2017-12-28 10:42:14 -0800
  • Ada Mendoza
    signed 2017-12-28 10:07:57 -0800
  • Winter Powers
    signed 2017-12-28 08:54:45 -0800
    Winter Powers III
  • Barbara Richardson
    signed 2017-12-28 07:31:54 -0800
  • Robert Parson
    signed 2017-12-28 07:06:30 -0800
  • Denise Higgins
    signed 2017-12-28 06:53:00 -0800
  • Gregory Glasby
    signed 2017-12-28 06:45:45 -0800
    US out of terrorist organización UN they take payoffs from terrorists groups to stay off The terrorist list kick them out of América
  • Diana Ruggerio
    signed 2017-12-28 06:44:54 -0800
  • Ursula Short Hayes
    signed 2017-12-28 06:01:03 -0800
    Think we should drop out of UN they do not benefit us but take our money ,so i agree with President Trump
  • Kathleen Kirsan
    signed 2017-12-28 05:17:03 -0800
    Kathleen Kirsan
  • Judith Whitt
    signed 2017-12-28 04:48:53 -0800
  • Sharon Anderson
    signed 2017-12-28 01:43:35 -0800
    Definitely we need to no longer fund the U.N. We get nothing out of this mess and foot the bill for everything. Yet we are chastised for our decisions and where we stand. Most of those foreign idiots hate us. Don’t back us. So I think they have become ineffective in what ever their original directives were all about. So why stay and waste all this money. We can make better use of it.
  • Victoria Forest
    signed 2017-12-27 21:53:27 -0800
  • Sherry Casstevens
    signed 2017-12-27 19:13:25 -0800
  • Janet Cornell
    signed 2017-12-27 18:47:55 -0800
  • Linda Kane
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-12-27 18:30:53 -0800
    Sign the petition: Cut UN Funding Now
  • Linda Kane
    signed 2017-12-27 18:30:24 -0800
  • Linda Cooper
    signed 2017-12-27 18:22:54 -0800
  • Gary Raind
    signed 2017-12-27 18:01:54 -0800
    Make the UN move from our shores.
  • Margaret Gowan
    signed 2017-12-27 17:42:43 -0800
    Jim & Margaret Gowan