Cut UN Funding Now

The time is now to once and for all stop funding the anti-American radicals in the United Nations. This is a global body made up of extremist and undemocratic countries who are funded by American taxpayers to the detriment of American interests and American sovereignty. By signing this petition I urge President Trump and his team to cut off all funding to the United Nations.

The US taxpayer will not fund a global body comprised of nations who terrorize their own people and who spread terrorism around the world. These same nations then use the UN to bully Democratic nations like the United States and Israel. It is past time to show the UN that Americans refuse to finance their anti-American and anti-Democratic endeavors. Cut Off All UN Funding Now!   

Who's signing

Paul Adams
Tolla Fteeman
Diana Braddock
Berit Gjerde
Jannette Mitchell
Joseph Howard
Thomas Leist
Edythe Caraway
David Pethel
Richard Hawley
Glenda Elrod
Carolyn Freeman
Pam Kennedy
Keely Shively
377 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Paul Adams
    signed 2017-12-22 11:27:04 -0800
    Remove the UN out of AMERICA also do it now.
  • Tolla Fteeman
    signed 2017-12-22 10:54:40 -0800
    Please get us out of UN no more money let’s see how they do
  • Diana Braddock
    signed 2017-12-22 10:45:11 -0800
  • Berit Gjerde
    signed 2017-12-22 09:23:15 -0800
    Stop all funding to the UN
  • Jannette Mitchell
    signed 2017-12-22 08:07:19 -0800
  • Joseph Howard
    signed 2017-12-22 07:14:39 -0800
  • Thomas Leist
    signed 2017-12-22 07:09:13 -0800
    Put out an eviction notice, they have to move this social club, out of the US.
  • Edythe Caraway
    signed 2017-12-22 06:43:16 -0800
  • David Pethel
    signed 2017-12-22 06:30:31 -0800
  • Richard Hawley
    signed 2017-12-22 06:19:53 -0800
  • Glenda Elrod
    signed 2017-12-22 06:04:45 -0800
  • Carolyn Freeman
    signed 2017-12-22 04:59:58 -0800
    Carolyn Freeman
  • Pam Kennedy
    signed 2017-12-22 04:43:33 -0800
    Pam Kennedy
  • Keely Shively
    signed 2017-12-21 15:21:03 -0800