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The 10 counties that will decide the 2020 election

This is an important yet incomplete article about which counties will be most crucial to winning the 2020 election. We know that President Trump flipped many counties Obama won which was responsible for his winning margin. In states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin the margins were so close that any change at the county level will be decisive for the state. 

Also in larger states like Texas and Florida, county level voting usually shows which party has the advantage. Also important is a place like Orange County in California. While President Trump won't win CA, if the GOP can take back votes and Congressional seats in the traditionally conservative Orange County that will show he is winning in similar places across the country where Democrats think they have an advantage.

The point of this is to show what counties and areas we will be focusing our voter outreach and advertising. We don't have millions of dollars to throw around advertising to the entire nation or even entire states. We need to focus our resources on winning and turning out GOP voters in targeted areas. 

That's how we helped the GOP candidate Dan Bishop win the special election in North Carolina. We targeted small counties and areas we knew the GOP needed to win. Our limited resources helped significantly by placing ads to the right people.

That's the strategy moving forward to 2020! This article gives you an idea of a few of the areas and counties we will be targeting. But there are much more. 

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Source: TheHill

Three years after a presidential election that came down to 77,000 votes in three Midwestern battlegrounds, Democrats and Republicans are eyeing a much larger battlefield ahead of the 2020 contests, one that stretches from the picturesque coastline of rural Maine to the high desert of Arizona.

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American Indian Tribe Key to GOP Special Election Victory

The below article is written by a member of the Lumbee American Indian tribe in North Carolina. Results from the crucial special election in North Carolina show that the tribe played a key role in ensuring GOP victory. While he explains they are majority Democrats, they are culturally conservative and don't buy the Democrats' wild economic plans. 

Just as in President Trump's outreach to minority voters all over the country, this election was won because minority voters aren't buying the Democrat's false promises of free handouts and guaranteed jobs. The GOP must make inroads into minority communities who want to achieve the American dream through hard work not handouts. 

Read on for the full explanation of why an American Indian tribe voted GOP last week. The main takeaway is that Democrats are winning more and more white liberals who hate President Trump while the GOP wins over minority voters who don't want promises of free stuff but opportunities to reach the American dream.

-James N

Source: TheHill

The result of Tuesday’s special election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District didn’t take many political analysts by surprise. Republican Dan Bishop was predicted to win the district, which had been in Republican hands since 1963...

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David Perdue on Trump's SOTU and his possible opponent Stacey Abrams

Take a look at the interview on Laura Ingraham's show with David Perdue. There's a reason he is getting results in the Senate. Perdue is fighting for conservative values. 

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Josh Hawley - The Conservative Choice in Missouri!

Watch Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announce his candidacy for Senate to defeat Democrat Claire McCaskill. This will be one of the most important races for conservatives to win a seat and help the President's agenda!

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Four Criminals on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List Are Immigrants

And two of those fugitives were in the United States illegally when they committed their horrible crimes — here are the details

By Margaret Menge

Source: Lifezette - https://www.lifezette.com/polizette/four-criminals-on-fbis-top-10-most-wanted-list-are-immigrants/

Looked at the FBI’s Most Wanted list lately? If not, you might be surprised to learn that four of the 10 criminals on the list are immigrants — including at least two who were in this country illegally when they committed their heinous crimes.

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Kate Steinle's Killer Found Not Guilty - Miscarriage of Justice

Source: Fox News

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found not guilty Thursday of murdering Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco in July 2015 in a case that sparked a heated national debate over illegal immigration and so-called sanctuary cities, and U.S. immigration officials said he will be deported.

Zarate was acquitted of first and second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. He also was found not guilty of assault with a semi-automatic weapon. He was found guilty of possessing a firearm by a felon. The jury had deliberated for six days.

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Conservatives Banned. Jihadists Just Fine.

This article by conservative thinker and writer Michele Malkin perfectly sums up the times we live in. From college campuses to giant corporations in Silicon Valley it seems like conservatives are censored more than terrorists.

On college campuses a speaker who espouses jihad against Jews and Americans is given a safe space. But when a conservative wants to speak about free speech and the First Amendment he is violently protested. 

On YouTube, Google and Facebook a website asking followers to commit jihad and showing how to kill innocent civilians is allowed to stand, while videos talking about religious freedom or conservative thought are banned and taken down. It is time we stand up to the gatekeepers and bullies in Silicon Valley and say enough is enough. Read on for more info.

YouTube Banned Me, but Not the Hate Imams

By Michelle Malkin

Source: National Review

One of the many maddening takeaways from the London Bridge jihad attack is this: If you post videos on YouTube radicalizing Muslim viewers to kill innocent people, YouTube will leave you alone. But if you post a video on YouTube honoring innocent people murdered by barbaric jihadists, your video will get banned.

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California Becomes "Sanctuary State"

If you live in California or follow its crazy politics you know this issue has been burning since President Trump was elected and even long before. California has become so backwards in its policies toward illegal immigrants that Governor Jerry Brown openly acknowledges this law will protect criminals in his state but he doesn't care. As long as he can score points against President Trump and help his fellow leftists gain favor with radical groups that support illegal immigration. 

This will be a story to keep close tabs on. How will the federal gov't react to the nation's largest state passing a law that protect criminals and endangers citizens. Stay tuned and read on for more info...

Source: Fox News

ICE to California: 'No choice' but to arrest illegal immigrants despite sanctuary state legislation

The head of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Friday that his agency had “no choice” but to arrest illegal immigrants in California’s neighborhoods and worksites despite newly signed sanctuary city legislation in the state.


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Time Is Now to Lower Taxes - Help The Middle Class

first-post.pngPresident Trump and Republicans promised tax cuts. Promised they would help working and middle class Americans. It is time to deliver. 

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