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Patriots, Liberty & Prosperity is a nationwide grassroots group of individuals who support conservative candidates for Congress who:

-Preserve liberty, freedom and the Constitution

-Advance prosperity through lower taxes and less regulation

These are the values we are committed to. This is the test of which candidates our organization will support. 

We are living through a time when more Americans support socialism than at any time in recent history, where young people don't believe in the First Amendment and violently protest conservative speakers. Where the media is more committed to illegal immigrants than citizens in the heartland of America. 

If you want to stand up to these forces this is one place to start.

Through online advertising, social media and email outreach we are supporting candidates, petitioning Congress and getting results. Check out the website, sign a petition and choose a campaign to support! 

There is no more important time to be involved in the fight for America. 

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    American Indian Tribe Key to GOP Special Election Victory

    The below article is written by a member of the Lumbee American Indian tribe in North Carolina. Results from the crucial special election in North Carolina show that the tribe played a key role in ensuring GOP victory. While he explains they are majority Democrats, they are culturally conservative and don't buy the Democrats' wild economic plans.  Just as in President Trump's outreach to minority voters all over the country, this election was won because minority voters aren't buying the Democrat's false promises of free handouts and guaranteed jobs. The GOP must make inroads into minority communities who want to achieve the American dream through hard work not handouts.  Read on for the full explanation of why an American Indian tribe voted GOP last week. The main takeaway is that Democrats are winning more and more white liberals who hate President Trump while the GOP wins over minority voters who don't want promises of free stuff but opportunities to reach the American dream. -James N Source: TheHill The result of Tuesday’s special election in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District didn’t take many political analysts by surprise. Republican Dan Bishop was predicted to win the district, which had been in Republican hands since 1963...
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    David Perdue on Trump's SOTU and his possible opponent Stacey Abrams

    Take a look at the interview on Laura Ingraham's show with David Perdue. There's a reason he is getting results in the Senate. Perdue is fighting for conservative values. 
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