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Patriots, Liberty & Prosperity is a nationwide grassroots group of individuals who support conservative candidates for Congress who:

-Preserve Liberty, fight for Freedom and follow the Constitution.

-Advance Prosperity through America First policies, lowering taxes so workers take home more of what they earn and never allowing foreign countries to take advantage of our Nation. 

These are the values we are committed to. This is the test of which candidates our organization will support. 

We are living through a time when more Americans support socialism than at any time in recent history, where young people don't believe in the First Amendment and violently protest conservative speakers.

Where the media is more committed to illegal immigrants than citizens in the heartland of America. Where the media wants to tell you what to think instead of giving you facts. 

If you want to stand up to these forces this is one place to start.

Through online advertising, social media and email outreach we are supporting candidates, taking action and getting results. Check out the website, sign a petition and choose a campaign to support! 

There is no more important time to be involved in the fight for America! 

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    Why We Support Burgess Owens

    Burgess Owens will fight for America. He's not afraid to stand up to Democrats and the left. Help him win!
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    The 10 counties that will decide the 2020 election

    This is an important yet incomplete article about which counties will be most crucial to winning the 2020 election. We know that President Trump flipped many counties Obama won which was responsible for his winning margin. In states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin the margins were so close that any change at the county level will be decisive for the state.  Also in larger states like Texas and Florida, county level voting usually shows which party has the advantage. Also important is a place like Orange County in California. While President Trump won't win CA, if the GOP can take back votes and Congressional seats in the traditionally conservative Orange County that will show he is winning in similar places across the country where Democrats think they have an advantage. The point of this is to show what counties and areas we will be focusing our voter outreach and advertising. We don't have millions of dollars to throw around advertising to the entire nation or even entire states. We need to focus our resources on winning and turning out GOP voters in targeted areas.  That's how we helped the GOP candidate Dan Bishop win the special election in North Carolina. We targeted small counties and areas we knew the GOP needed to win. Our limited resources helped significantly by placing ads to the right people. That's the strategy moving forward to 2020! This article gives you an idea of a few of the areas and counties we will be targeting. But there are much more.  Read on for more... -James Source: TheHill Three years after a presidential election that came down to 77,000 votes in three Midwestern battlegrounds, Democrats and Republicans are eyeing a much larger battlefield ahead of the 2020 contests, one that stretches from the picturesque coastline of rural Maine to the high desert of Arizona.
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